Rotary Club of Barbados West Champions Nutrition and Education at Good Shepherd Primary School

The Rotary Club of Barbados West (RCBW) has once again demonstrated its unwavering commitment to nurturing the future of Barbados by supporting the Good Shepherd Primary School in Prospects Road, Fitts Village, St James. For several years, RCBW has been a pillar of support for the school, implementing initiatives that enhance the educational and nutritional well-being of its students.

A Legacy of Support and Innovation

Under the leadership of President Gale Reeves, RCBW has introduced a variety of programs aimed at fostering a holistic learning environment. These include the establishment of an environment club, an upgraded library, a water tank, a greenhouse, and a breakfast program that ensures students start their day with a nutritious meal. This breakfast program is particularly vital in combating childhood obesity and non-communicable diseases (NCDs), issues that are prevalent in the region.

Empowering Students Through Nutrition

Speaking to the Daily Nation, President Gale Reeves highlighted the importance of the breakfast program in ensuring students begin their day with full bellies and ready minds. “Childhood obesity is a global issue. Here in Barbados, over 30% of our children are considered obese. Our focus is on the cost it has on the country as a whole,” Reeves stated. The breakfast program not only provides healthy nutrition options but also serves as a preventative measure against NCDs.

Farm-to-Table Education

A standout feature of the RCBW’s support is the greenhouse on the school grounds, where students learn to grow lettuce, watermelon, and okra. This hands-on approach to agriculture educates students about healthy eating and the importance of self-sustainability.

Recognition and Gratitude

During a recent visit, District Governor for District 7030 Brian Glasgow praised the Rotary Club’s initiatives and reiterated the organization’s commitment to investing in the youth of Barbados. “There is no limitation on what we want to do, and there is no limitation on what we can do. An investment in our children’s nutrition is an investment in their ability to assimilate education,” Glasgow emphasized.

Principal Olivia Hinds expressed heartfelt appreciation for the Rotary Club’s ongoing support. “They have done a marvelous job of assisting us here at Good Shepherd Primary. The breakfast program, in particular, has been crucial for many children,” Hinds noted.

Looking Ahead

In addition to the breakfast program, RCBW has also initiated health and wellness pop-up series in collaboration with the Coverley Medical Centre and the Sandy Crest Medical Centre. These sessions include blood sugar testing, blood pressure checks, and weight assessments, promoting a comprehensive approach to health.

The Rotary Club of Barbados West remains steadfast in its mission to create a nurturing and healthy environment for the children of Good Shepherd Primary School. By investing in education and nutrition, RCBW is not only shaping the minds of the future but also ensuring a healthier, more prosperous Barbados.

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