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We invite you to partner with Rotary Club of Barbados West (RCOBW). For over forty-five (45) years we have fostered special, lasting relationships with key partners. When you partner with us, you help to improve your local community.

Join us, as we find sustainable solutions to help improve our impact. Together, our reach will be stronger!

How Our Partnership Benefits You?

  • Increase Awareness

    Raise awareness about your business/organization especially in the area of philanthropy.

  • Grow Your Consumers' Pride

    Deepen your consumers’ pride in your collaboration with a well-respected and highly regarded service organization known for the sustainable programs and projects we have created to support the community.

  • Enhance Your Image

    Increase your public relations image and outreach.

  • Magnify Recognition

    Receive the reward of the highly coveted recognition/designation as a Rotary Club of Barbados West (RCOBW) corporate sponsor.

Who We Are?

We are a community-minded service organization whose members operate with integrity and high ethical standards. Our club is a part of Rotary International, which has a global network of over 1.2 million members. We invest our time and work enthusiastically to help others. As Rotarians, we think big and set audacious goals.

We lead by example because we are “People of Action!”

What We Do?

We solve problems;

We provide service to help transform our community;

We network and collaborate with others;

We foster friendships;

We have FUN!

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