Our Largest Fundraisers generating worthwhile funds which go towards our Scholarship Fund.​

The Golf Classic Fundraiser

In 1999 Past Presidents Joseph Steinbok, Milton Inniss and Peter Griffith organized a golf tournament at the Old Nine at Sandy Lane, sponsored by Diamonds International at the hefty price of $10,000 per team to raise funds for the renovation of the Pediatric Ward at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.   This extremely successful and profitable fundraiser was the brain child of Past President Andrew St. John, who chaired the committee.   The tournament was opened by then Minister, the Honorable Philip Goddard. The current chairperson for the past few years is Past President Horace Cobham.

Players from corporate Barbados were very supportive and the event was sold out. The prize giving was held at Sandy Lane with a cocktail party, the attendant speeches and we all enjoyed the fellowship, 

Bingo Fundraiser

Bingo Fundraiser

In the mid-80’s Royce Tong suggested that we start a Bingo program.  This was not greeted with enthusiasm by the members.  People remembered the old-fashioned Jaycee bingo tickets and the numbers called nightly on the old Rediffusion boxes in the 70’s.  But eventually Royce won the day and a new, updated Bingo was born.  We purchased machines, tickets and a big board for the numbers called.  The committee was chaired by PP Tony Thomas and avidly supported by his wife and Partner in Service, Hazel.

The first venue was the Dover Convention Centre, now a condominium development.  Bruce Hill and his staff organised the transport to and fro on the nights of Bingo.  Security was provided by PP Wally Johnson, Carl Bourne and Clarence Hill. Celebrities were asked to appear and call the numbers and increase the number of patrons who embraced this new Bingo.

Polo Classic Fundraiser

This is an annual fundraising event where RCOBW partners with one of the Polo Clubs in the island. Proceeds from ticket sales give access to a special VIP tent and are used to fund a pre-determined project. Scotia Bank has been a key sponsor of this annual event. 

Polo Fundraiser
Kadooment Day

Kadooment Day Fundraiser

The annual Kadooment Day Lime generates funds to support the club account. This popular event is held on Kadooment Day (which is usually celebrated the first Monday in August), and is the culmination of our internationally popular Cropover Festival. Friends and family gather with club members, as we observe the colorful festive bands make their way along the identified route. Everyone looks forward to this day of fun and fellowship.

Past President Freddie Mansour, the original Farid “Freddie” Mansour, offered the Club access and use of the family’s property at Waterford for Kadooment in 1991.  This was an opportunity to raise funds and have fun.  Everyone embraced this event, where people could view the Crop Over bands from a vantage point that few could rival.   This is an all-inclusive event where breakfast and lunch are served.  Complete with tents, chairs, security, parking and bathroom facilities, this proved, for the past twenty (20) years, to be quite a successful club fundraiser. 

Thanks to PP Larry Tatem for providing the food for many years and to Rotarian Bruce Hill and his staff for transport, setting up and clearing up the grounds afterwards. Our heartfelt thanks to the entire Mansour family for their continued support in providing the facility at no cost to the Club. 

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