The Rotary Club of Barbados West is actively addressing hearing challenges among children in Barbados through a school-based screening project. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the club offers free hearing tests using portable audiometers in 67 public primary schools. This year, our club is the recipient of a district grant to support the project.

Since November 2020, the hearing project has grown and, this program year, in addition to Infants B, has expanded to include Class 4 students.  With over 7,000 children screened, 9 students have been identified with unilateral and/or bilateral hearing loss, and 20 referred for impacted wax removal or middle ear infections. The club covers costs for all treatments such as hearing aids and visits to ENT specialists, demonstrating a commitment to equal opportunities for all children. Through partnerships and grants, our club provides vital support, emphasizing its dedication to making a positive impact on the community’s youth.

The Right Hon. Mia Amor Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados being screened by Dr. Benjamin Stabler

Screening at St. Marks Primary School

From left to right: Sheena Brome (mother), with her daughter Aria Batson (recipient of a hearing device) & Rotarian Martin Steinbok

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