Nature Fun Ranch (NFR) Project

The Nature Fun Ranch is a facility located in Bruce Vale in the rural parish of St. Andrew. NFR provides multiple opportunities for young males and females from vulnerable communities, to avoid a life of delinquency and become productive, contributing citizens.  NFR’s focus on personal responsibility, empowerment and capacity building is helping to change youth behaviors.

The RCOBW has donated two vehicles to the program. Additionally, the club has committed to the full maintenance of both vehicles. The vehicles are used to assist with the daily operations of the NFR (transporting youth, delivery of food and necessities for livestock etc.)  The Board has agreed to provide running costs for the vehicles at $20.000 and a capital project donation of $25,000.

During the 2020-21 program year, RCOBW, in alignment with Rotary’s theme on Economic Development, has supported a Berkshire pig project as well as purchased new tires for the vehicles. In addition to financial assistance, club members have also contributed their time, talents and expertise, to help ensure the sustainability of Nature Fun Ranch. These collective efforts positively impact our youth and the community at large. 

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