Rotary Club of Barbados West has collaborated with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) in the development of an Emergency Medical Team Facility

The Emergency Field Medical Facility ensures that the BDF can actively provide humanitarian support to Barbados and other neighbouring islands in the unfortunate occurrence of a national disaster (natural or man-made). Team members are volunteers [nurses, doctors, logistic experts etc.]

The Emergency Field Medical Team Facility:

  • Is a part of the national disaster response;
  • Is able to provide outpatient emergency care of injuries and other significant health care needs;
  • Enables trained staff to be able to perform at least seven (7) major or fifteen (15) minor operations daily with at least 20 inpatient beds per operating table.

Our financial support has enabled the BDF to purchase critical equipment such as ECH machines, defibrillators, oxygen masks, nebulisers, an industrial refrigerator for the blood bank, as well as additional critical supplies to accommodate the medical needs of both children and adults. Our most recent $36,000 donation of equipment will serve to enhance the operational capacity of the medical facility.

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